Our commitment for environment and sustainability …

… by carefully handling our resources is self-evident for us, because thereby we don´t only assume social responsibility and help towards maintaining an intact environment, we also invest in the sustainability of our company for our customers and employees.

Our production:

We are located in the middle of the nature in Southern Germany in the rural heart of Upper Swabia. This is where our ideas and products evolve, formed by the attitude of life in our native country: innovative, cosmopolitan and sustainable. Our office building and our production halls were built in wooden construction with south alignment. That means: more daylight and solar heat, less power consumption and lower heating costs in the winter. Due to our highly efficient gas heating with calorific value technology (efficiency 96%) and a very effective insulation technology, our annual gas consumption is on the level of a two-family house. By the consequent use of modern LED lamps, our lighting concept also fulfills our ambitions for an optimal energy efficiency. In our factory our linear axes are assembled mainly manually with minimal energy consumption. Almost all vendor parts are purchased regionally. Due to the short transport routes, we save many tons of CO2.

Our products:

In our products we also pay great attention to efficiency and environmental protection. All max products have a particularly long lifetime. Optimal engine dimensioning in combination with low basic resistance causes low wear and energy consumption. In the unlikely event of a defect, our linear axes can be easily disassembled thanks to the patented guide screw connection and can be recaptured with quickly available spare parts. Faulty parts can be easily replaced and almost completely recycled. All oils and grease that are used in our products are biodegradable and suitable for food.

Our recycling:

In order to bring our mechanical linear axes to the customer undamaged, the use of packaging for protection is unavoidable. That´s why we pay particular attention to save resources and avoid unnecessary waste at the packaging. We mainly use certified wood according to IPPC, ISPM 15 as well as material-saving cardboard packaging. The total packaging of our products can be separated according to type after use and is therefore recyclable. The waste we generate is sorted and separated by 100%. Steel, aluminum and paper or cardboard are recycled and biological waste is composted. The remaining domestic waste of the entire max factory is less than from a 1-person household per week.

Photo: Wonderful Pfrunger-Burgweiler Ried, nearby our facility Wilhelmsdorf
Credits: KlaraLang / CC BY-SA