Linear with system – user advantages

The capability of axes and carriages to withstand heavy mechanical loads and high repeat accuracy are essential for the successful use of linear axes.
max® components are precisely matched with each other and can be easily and quickly combined into systems. You receive all components from a single supplier, thus avoiding interface problems.
max® components fulfil the highest demands with respect to quality and ease of assembly.

Able to handle heavy loads and have great precision:

1. Extremely massive carriage midsection for preventing lateral bending of the carriage legs.

2. Rollers are adjustable without play through the eccentric, protected by a felt wiper.

3. Guides are arranged on the most stable position, thus there is no pressing of the profile. Favourable moment take-up through large guide distance.

4. Optimised axis profile with low weight via finite element analysis, up to 7-metre length.

5. Carriage is adjustable via belt take-up.

6. Highest movement precision through AT toothed belt with steel reinforcement or spindle drive.

7. Prevention of warpage through the extensive bearing surface.

8. Mounting grooves for aluminium profile systems.

9. Screw-mounted precision guide along the entire length.