max® planetary gear MPG

Mounting to almost every motor through an adapter piece is possible without any problems.
The connection between the motor shaft and the gearbox drive shaft is made through a clamping hub. The clamping screw in the clamping hub is tightened through the mounting opening in the adaptor plate.

max® planetary gear drive MPD

The decisive advantage

High reliability and short delivery times as well as a flexible mounting concept with a proven quality at an attractive price.
Replacement flange system, axial length compensation and lifetime lubrication.

Planetary gears with a large range of application, designed for ATEX and GMP standard requirements. Developed for servo and IEC motor mounting.

• 5 sizes: MPD040 to MPD155 option:
• Torque range from 4 Nm to 435 Nm
• Transmission ratio from 3:1 to 100:1
• 3-way emergency OFF moment
• Lifetime of 20,000 hrs
• Minimal torsion play
• High efficiency
• Suitable for cyclic and constant operation
• Axial length compensation
• Suitable for all mounting surfaces
• Maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication
• Easy mounting of servo and IEC motors through clamping collar