Gear box

We supply the suitable gear box for your motor; just use your servomotor.

max® planetary gear units

We can supply you with German branded gear boxes which can be fitted to almost all motors without any problems thanks to available adapter parts.
The connection between the motor shaft and the gear box drive shaft is made via a clamping hub. The clamping screw in the clamping hub is tightened through the mounting hole in the adapter plate.

You can select between:

  • 4 sizes: MPG plus 040 to MPG plus 120
  • torque ranges from 4 Nm to 160 Nm
  • reduction ratio from 3 : 1 to 100 : 1

The advantages are obvious:

  • 3-fold EMERGENCY STOP torque
  • service life 20,000 h
  • low torsional backlash
  • high efficiency
  • suitable for cyclic and continuous operation
  • axial length compensation
  • suitable for all mounting positions
  • maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication
  • easy mounting of servo and IEC motors due to clamping ring technology



Here you can find an extract from our catalogue with the gear boxes from our comprehensive range of accessories as a PDF download.